Tonight’s NHL Playoff Referees – Canadiens/Rangers Game 4

New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadiens – Game 4 – 8:00pm

NHL Referee Dave Jackson (#8)

Dave Jackson #8

Reg Season Playoffs
Team Records
  –  NYR 1-4 1-1
  –  MTL 4-1 1-1
Minors per game 3.9 2.4
PIM per game 11.8 5.7
% more minors on road team 7.9% 11.1%
Home win % 51% 50%
Calls/Pd (Avg)* 1st 2nd 3rd
 – Rd 1 2.6 3.8 2.4
 – Rd 2 2.8 3.2 1.0
 – Rd 3 6.0 0.0 2.0
Average Minors by Team:
  –  NYR 2.0, Opp 1.7 (15% more on NYR )
  –  MTL 2.1, Opp 2.5 (19% more on Opp)
  • Regular season games: 1,331. Playoffs: 77
  • Jackson’s last Conf Finals appearance was in 2009; he missed the postseason from 2010-2013
  • Last Rangers/Habs game was 10/28/13 (MTL W 2-0 at MSG)
  • He also worked the previous Rangers/Habs game in Montreal on 3/30/13 (MTL W 3-0), and a MTL 4-0 W on 11/19/11.
  • Rangers have not scored a goal against Montreal in a Jackson officiated game since before the lockout (January 17, 2004 – a 2-2 tie… when you could still have a tie. Rangers goals came from Holik and Kovalev.
  • Rangers have not won a game against Montreal with Jackson refereeing dating back to 1999. (Possibly longer — our stats don’t go back any further)
  • From Montreal, Quebec

NHL Referee Dan O'Rourke (#9)

Dan O’Rourke #9

Reg Season Playoffs
  –  NYR 3-2 1-1
  –  MTL 2-2 1-1
Minors per game 3.7 2.7
PIM per game 11.0 5.7
% more minors on road team 18.4% 11.1%
Home win % 61% 50%
Calls/Pd (Avg)* 1st 2nd 3rd
 – Rd 1 2.6 3.8 2.4
 – Rd 2 2.8 3.2 1.0
 – Rd 3 6.0 0.0 2.0
Average Minors by Team:
  –  NYR 2.4, Opp 2.3 (2% more on NYR )
  –  MTL 2.1, Opp 2.4 (12% more on Opp )
  • Regular season games: 655. Playoff games: 68
  • O’Rourke’s worked four straight Conference Finals. He made it to the Cup Final in 2011 and 2012.
  • From Calgary, Alberta

  • Notes
    • Dan O’Rourke and Jackson have worked together all postseason (11 games)
      • Montreal – Game 2 vs. Bruins, Game 7 vs. Bruins
      • Rangers – Game 1 vs. Flyers, Game 4 vs. Penguins
    • Rangers have handled calls against them, killing off 22 straight penalties
    • New York is 5-1 in the playoffs when they score on the power play.
    • Montreal’s PP is 0-9 and their PK is 8-12 in the series.
    • Last NYR win at MSG vs MTL: 3/30/12. Rangers were led by Gaborik (1g, 1a) and Del Zotto (2g)
    • Last NYR PPG scored at home vs. MTL was also 3/30/12 – by Michael Del Zotto. Brad Richards scored a PPG earlier in the game as well.
  • Linesmen: Shane Heyer #55, Jonny Murray #95
  • Standby Official: Kevin Pollock #33 
  • Series Supervisor:  Kris King
  • Anthems: John Amirante


*Calls per Period represents combined total (both refs) and excludes matching penalties and game misconducts

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  1. The comments are Jackson are wrong. He officiated game 1 in this series when the rangers won

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    • Jackson was on standby that day. He didn’t work the game, even though he was initially scheduled to. It was Kozari & Watson.

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  2. You forgot to include how much $$$ each was paid to ENSURE Montreal scored the tying goal on a pp. They only gave em seven, three of them on the most God-awful dives/flops I’ve seen during these playoffs.

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    • Diving is getting ridiculous in the NHL, especially in these playoff series. Rangers/Canadiens 5/25 – Refereeing awful, yet again. At one point, the game was arguably beginning to resemble a “rigged” desire for a Canadiens win. Of course, it is easy for Refs to make mistakes, and this is a fast paced sport… but it is their job. And when they don’t do their job, they are not punished in any way.

      Granted, Rangers took a lot of stupid penalties last night, that is 100% undeniable. But, Milbury (the NBC anti-Ranger) during intermission trashed the refs, rightfully, because these acts right in front of their eyes should be called. When Milbury, the anti-Ranger, has to take the side of the Rangers, you know something needs to be said or done. The NHL needs to step it up. Just like how they called Prust’s hit “legal but late” – isn’t that a paradox? The board needs to get their wording straight and their rules in order.

      Being down 2-1 in the series, the Canadiens were trying everything in their power last night to get calls (I say “power” because the refs were handing them power by giving them calls on account of the dives that came along with the true penalties.) They got the calls, and I think it is shameful the way they “acted” – literally. Especially for a team that some consider “the Yankees of hockey.” Between the trash talking and this…. Please! Stop acting, and play the game like a class act.

      Diving in the NHL should be punished with a double minor, like Milbury said, and that will surely stop it and force players to play through inconsequential trips and slashes. Or, a fine, like the newly instated NBA rule, but I don’t think money can equate losing a player on the ice for 2 or 4 minutes in an NHL game, let alone a playoff game. This will inherently cease “embellishment.”

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