Coach’s Challenges & Video Reviews – 2016-17

  • 79 Challenges – 20 overturned (25%)
  • Goaltender Interference: 47 challenges; 11 overturned (10 to no goal, 1 to goal) — 23%
    (5 additional challenges were initiated by the Situation Room; none were overturned)
  • Offside: 25 challenges; 8 overturned — 32%
    (2 additional challenges were initiated by the Situation Room; 1 was overturned [vs. CHI] )
  • Team Notes
    • Most Challenges:  CAR (7), PHI (5)
    • Most Challenges Against:  MTL (7), BOS (6)
    • Best Success Rate:  COL (3/3), CBJ (2/2), NYI (2/2)
    • Worst Success Rate:  CAR (0/7), PHI (0/5), EDM (0/4)
    • Most Goals Lost via Challenge:  BOS (3), FLA (2), TBL (2), VAN (2), WSH (2)
    • No Challenges Made:  MTL, NYR, WSH

Click ‘Challenge/Review’ for a link to the NHL’s video explanation of each decision.

TypeDateRoadHomeCall ByReasonNotesOutcomeOver-
Challenge11/26/16CAROTTGoal (OTT)CAROffsideOTT entered zone legallyGoalNo
Challenge11/26/16MINSTLGoal (STL)MINInterferenceMIN Suter pushed STL Jaskin into MIN G Dubnyk. Goal standsGoalNo
Challenge11/26/16CHILAKGoal (LAK)CHIInterferenceLAK Pearson pushed CHI Hjalmarsson into CHI G Darling. No goalNo goalYes
Review11/26/16ANASJSGoal (ANA)Goal net displacedGoal was in positionGoalNo
Challenge11/26/16ANASJSGoal (ANA)SJSInterferenceSJS Burns pushed ANA Garbutt into SJS G Jones. Goal standsGoalNo
Review11/25/16NYRPHIGoal (PHI)Puck kicked inDeflected legally off skateGoalNo
Review11/25/16CHIANANo goal (ANA)Puck batted inReview confirmed puck batted in with gloveNo goalNo
Review11/25/16CBJTBLGoal (CBJ)Puck kicked inPuck played with stick after kickGoalNo
Review11/25/16CGYBOSNo goal (CGY)Puck crossed linePuck did not cross lineNo goalNo
Challenge11/25/16CGYBOSGoal (BOS)CGYInterferenceBOS Marchand pushed CGY Giordano into CGY G JohnsonNo goalYes
Challenge11/25/16DETNJDGoal (DET)NJDOffsideDET Larkin had possession when entering zoneGoalNo
Review11/25/16EDMARIGoal (ARI)Puck crossed linePuck did not cross lineNo goalYes
Challenge11/25/16EDMARIGoal (ARI)EDMInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/25/16EDMARIGoal (EDM)Time expiredTime expired before puck crossed lineNo goalYes
Challenge11/24/16BOSOTTGoal (BOS)OTTInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge11/24/16CARMTLGoal (MTL)CAROffsideMTL entered zone legallyGoalNo
Challenge11/23/16NYIANAGoal (NYI)Sit RmInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge11/23/16DETBUFGoal (BUF)DETInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge11/23/16STLWSHGoal (WSH)STLOffsideWSH entered zone legallyGoalNo
Challenge11/23/16WPGMINGoal (WPG)MINOffsideWPG Ehlers was offsideNo goalYes
Review11/23/16DALNSHNo goal (NSH)Check whether puck crossed linePuck in before whistleGoalYes
Challenge11/22/16STLBOSGoal (STL)BOSInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/22/16OTTMTLNo goal (OTT)Check whether puck crossed lineConfirmed puck over lineGoalYes
Challenge11/21/16COLCBJGoal (CBJ)COLInterferenceCBJ Hartnell interfered with COL G VarlamovNo goalYes
Challenge11/20/16CHIVANGoal (CHI)Sit RmOffsideCHI Hjalmarsson offsideNo goalYes
Challenge11/20/16CBJWSHGoal (CBJ)Sit RmOffsideCBJ entered zone legallyGoalNo
Review11/20/16FLANYRGoal (NYR)Puck kicked inNYR Zibanejad did not use 'distinct kicking motion'GoalNo
Review11/20/16FLANYRGoal (FLA)Puck crossed linePuck completely crossed lineGoalNo
Review11/20/16LAKANANo goal (LAK)Puck crossed lineReferee blew whistle; ineligible for review.No goalNo
Challenge11/18/16MTLCARGoal (MTL)CARInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/18/16MTLCARGoal (CAR)Puck kicked inNo distinct kicking motionGoalNo
Challenge11/18/16PITNYIGoal (PIT)Sit RmInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/18/16NYRCBJGoal (CBJ)Puck crossed line before time expired Goal scored with 0:00.1 remainingGoalNo
Review11/18/16CHICGYNo goal (CHI)Puck crossed lineReplay inconclusive; call on ice standsNo goalNo
Review11/17/16FLATORNo goal (TOR)Puck played above crossbar (Rule 38.4 vi)Puck contacted stick below crossbar height.GoalYes
Review11/17/16NSHOTTNo goal (NSH)Puck crossed lineReferee blew whistle; ineligible for review.No goalNo
Challenge11/17/16BOSMINGoal (BOS)MINOffsideBOS Spooner was offsideNo goalYes
Challenge11/17/16ARIVANGoal (VAN)ARIInterferenceVAN Chaput interfered with ARI D DomingueNo goalYes
Challenge11/17/16ARIVANGoal (ARI)VANOffsideReview inconclusive; call on ice standsGoalNo
Challenge11/17/16NJDANAGoal (NJD)ANAInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/16/16PITWSHGoal (PIT)Puck kicked in (Rule 49.2)PIT Malkin used distinct kicking motionNo goalYes
Challenge11/15/16LAKCOLGoal (COL)LAKInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/15/16EDMANANo goal (EDM)Puck played below crossbar (Rule 38.4 vi)Inconclusive; call on ice standsNo goalNo
Challenge11/15/16WSHCBJGoal (WSH)CBJOffsideWSH Oshie was offside (78.7)No goalYes
Review11/13/16NYREDMNo goal (NYR)Check whether puck crossed linePuck crossed line legallyGoalYes
Review11/13/16MINOTTNo goal (MIN)Puck played above crossbar (Rule 38.4 vi). Ruled goal; changed to no goal after huddle.Puck contacted stick above crossbar height. No goal.No goalNo
Challenge11/13/16DALVANGoal (VAN)DALInterferenceVAN Burrows interfered with DAL G LehtonenNo goalYes
Review11/12/16MINPHIGoal (PHI)Puck kicked in (Rule 49.2)PHI Del Zotto deflected puck legally. No distinct kicking motionGoalNo
Challenge11/12/16NYIFLAGoal (FLA)NYIInterferenceFLA Jagr interfered with NYI G HalakNo goalYes
Challenge11/12/16DETMTLGoal (MTL)DETInterferenceMTL Byron pushed pad of DET G Howard. No goalNo goalYes
Challenge11/12/16BUFNJDGoal (NJD)BUFOffsideNJD not offsideGoalNo
Challenge11/12/16NYIFLAGoal (NYI)FLAInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge11/12/16MINPHIGoal (MIN)PHIOffsideMIN tagged up; onsideGoalNo
Challenge11/12/16SJSTBLNo goal (SJS)SJSGoal waved off for interference. SJS challenge.TBL Point made contact with TBL G Bishop, causing puck to cross line. GoalGoalYes
Review11/12/16SJSTBLNo goal (SJS)Puck crossed line before net displacedReview confirmed puck crossed line, however on ice no goal call due to incidental contactNo goalNo
Challenge11/11/16LAKOTTGoal (OTT)LAKInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/10/16CBJBOSNo goal (BOS)Puck crossed lineGood goal undetected by officials. Clock reset to show 7:12GoalYes
Challenge11/10/16CHISTLGoal (STL)CHIInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenger11/9/16DALWPGGoal (WPG)DALInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge11/8/16BOSMTLGoal (MTL)BOSInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge11/8/16CARNJDGoal (NJD)CARInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/7/16TBLFLANo goal (FLA)Puck crossed line Puck did not completely cross lineNo goalNo
Challenge11/6/16NJDCARGoal (NJD)CAROffsideNJD not offsideGoalNo
Review11/5/16PHIMTLNo goal (MTL)Puck crossed lineReferee blew whistle; ineligible for review.No goalNo
Review11/5/16CHIDALGoal (DAL)Puck kicked in (Rule 49.2)DAL McKenzie deflected puck legallyGoalNo
Challenge11/5/16PHIMTLGoal (MTL)PHIInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge11/5/16MINCOLNo goal (MIN)Sit RmInterferenceConfirmed original call; interference on the playNo goalNo
Challenge11/5/16ARIANAGoal (ANA)ARIInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review11/4/16WPGDETNo goal (WPG)Puck crossed lineGood goal undetected by officials. Clock reset to show 7:36GoalYes
Review11/4/16WPGDETNo goal (WPG)Puck crossed linePuck completely crossed lineGoalYes
Review11/4/16WPGDETGoal (DET)Puck played below crossbar (Rule 38.4 vi). Ruled no goal; changed to goal after huddle.Review confirmed puck played legally below crossbarGoalNo
Review11/4/16MTLCBJGoal (CBJ)Puck kicked in (Rule 49.2)CBJ Wennberg used distinct kicking motionNo goalYes
Review11/4/16CGYSJSNo goal (SJS)Puck crossed lineReview confirmed puck did not completely cross lineNo goalNo
Challenge11/3/16STLDALGoal (STL)DALInterferenceSTL Berglund interfered with DAL G NiemiNo goalYes
Challenge11/3/16STLDALGoal (DAL)STLInterferenceSTL D Bouwmeester pushed DAL Spezza into STL G Allen. Good goal. (78.7 ii)GoalNo
Review11/3/16BOSTBLGoal (TBL)Puck played below crossbar (Rule 38.4 vi)Confirmed puck was played below crossbarGoalNo
Review11/3/16BOSTBLGoal (TBL)Puck kicked in (Rule 49.2)TBL Palat used distinct kicking motionNo goalYes
Challenge11/3/16EDMNYRNo goal (EDM)EDMGoal waved off for interference. EDM challenge.EDM Eberle prevented NYR G Lundqvist from doing his job in creaseNo goalNo
Challenge11/3/16BOSTBLGoal (BOS)TBLOffsideInconclusive; call on ice standsGoalNo
Challenge11/2/16PITANAGoal (PIT)ANAOffsideInconclusive; call on ice standsGoalNo
Challenge11/2/16DETPHIGoal (PHI)DETInterferenceDET player pushed PHI Schenn into DET G Mrazek. Good goalGoalNo
Review11/1/16WSHWPGNo goal (WPG)Puck crossed line before net dislodged (78.5 x)Net was off moorings before puck crossed line. No goalNo goalNo
Review11/1/16BOSFLANo goal (BOS)Puck crossed lineGood goal undetected by officials. Clock reset to show 13:44GoalYes
Challenge11/1/16TBLNYIGoal (TBL)NYIOffsideTBL Johnson offside prior to goalNo goalYes
Review11/1/16STLNYINo goal (NYR)Puck crossed linePuck did not completely cross lineNo goalNo
Review10/30/16TORNYINo goal (NYI)Check whether puck crossed line before whistleConfirmed original shot did not cross line prior to whistleNo goalNo
Challenge10/30/16TBLNYRGoal (NYR)TBLInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge10/29/16BOSDETGoal (BOS)DETOffsideBOS entered zone legallyGoalNo
Challenge10/29/16PITPHIGoal (PHI)PITOffsideInconclusive; call on ice standsGoalNo
Challenge10/29/16LAKSTLGoal (STL)LAKOffsideSTL entered zone legallyGoalNo
Challenge10/29/16WSHVANGoal (WSH)VANInterferenceWSH Backstrom made contact with goaltenderNo goalYes
Review10/28/16CBJANANo goal (CBJ)Check whether puck crossed linePuck crossed line; deflected off inside bar. GoalGoalYes
Review10/28/16NYRCARGoal (CAR)Check if puck crossed line before time expiredConfirmed. 0.8 seconds remaining.GoalNo
Review10/28/16NYRCARNo goal (NYR)Check if NYR Zibanejad's shot crossed lineInitial shot did not go in. (NYR Zuccarello's later shot :07 later did.)No goalNo
Challenge10/28/16NYRCARGoal (NYR)CARInterferenceNYR Buchnevich pushed by CAR Hainsey into goalie. Goal standsGoalNo
Challenge10/28/16CBJSJSGoal (SJS)CBJOffsideSJS Tierney offside prior to goalNo goalYes
Review10/27/16MINBUFNo goal (MIN)Check whether puck crossed line Puck did not go inNo goalNo
Challenge10/27/16ARIPHIGoal (ARI)PHIInterferencePHI Provorov tripped ARI Richardson into G Mason. GoalGoalNo
Review10/27/16ARIPHIGoal (ARI)Puck in before net displaced (78.4)Confirmed. Puck was over lineGoalNo
Review10/27/16ARIPHIGoal (ARI)Not reviewable. Fight broke out just prior to goal.Puck entered net legally.GoalNo
Challenge10/27/16ARIPHIGoal (PHI)ARIInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge10/25/16WPGDALGoal (DAL)WPGInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review10/25/16CARDETNo goal (CAR)Puck played above crossbar (60.5)Puck contacted stick above crossbar.No goalNo
Challenge10/25/16BUFPHIGoal (PHI)BUFInterferenceBUF Ristolainen pushed PHI Schenn into goalie. Goal.GoalNo
Challenge10/25/16BUFPHIGoal (BUF)PHIInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review10/25/16ANASJSGoal (SJS)Puck in before net displaced (78.4)Puck crossed line while net still in position. Goal.GoalNo
Challenge10/25/16TBLTORGoal (TOR)TBLOffsideReview inconclusive. Call on ice standsGoalNo
Review10/23/16MINNYINo goal (MIN)Check whether puck crossed lineReview shows puck over lineGoalYes
Review10/22/16STLCGYNo goal (STL)Check whether puck crossed linePuck deflected off in-net camera. Good goalGoalYes
Challenge10/22/16TORCHIGoal (CHI)TORInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge10/22/16COLFLAGoal (FLA)COLOffsideFLA Trocheck offside before goalNo goalYes
Review10/22/16VANLAKGoal (LAK)Puck kicked in (Rule 49.2)Puck played with stick after kick. Good goalGoalNo
Challenge10/22/16TBLOTTGoal (TBL)OTTOffsideTBL not offsideGoalNo
Challenge10/21/16NSHDETGoal (DET)NSHInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge10/21/16BUFVANGoal (BUF)VANInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review10/21/16BUFVANNo goal (BUF)Check puck batted/kicked inPuck 'entered net in a legal fashion'GoalYes
Challenge10/20/16LAKDALGoal (LAK)Sit RmInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Challenge10/20/16STLEDMGoal (EDM)STLInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review10/20/16WSHFLANo goal (FLA)Ineligible for reviewRef intended to blow whistle to stop play (78.5)No goalNo
Challenge10/20/16TORMINGoal (MIN)TOR OffsideMIN not offsideGoalNo
Review10/20/16ANAPHIGoal (PHI)Puck kicked in (Rule 49.2)PHI Simmonds deflected puck legally. No distinct kicking motionGoal No
Review10/20/16SJSPITGoal (PIT)Puck batted in with glove (67.6)PIT Hornqvist batted puck with gloveNo goalYes
Challenge10/18/16CAREDMGoal (CAR)EDMOffsideReview inconclusive if puck left zone at 3:59. Call on ice standsGoalNo
Review10/18/16LAKMINGoal (MIN)Puck played above crossbar (Rule 38.4 vi)MIN Pulkkinen's stick contacted puck below crossbarGoalNo
Challenge10/18/16PITMTLGoal (MTL)PITInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review10/18/16FLATBLGoal (FLA)Shootout - Confirm no initial shot and puck forward motionPuck kept in motion; goal scored on initial shotGoalNo
Review10/18/16STLVANGoal (VAN)Puck kicked inVAN Sbisa used a distinct kicking motion (49.2)No GoalYes
Challenge10/17/16COLPITGoal (PIT)COLInterferencePIT Malkin interfered with COL G Pickard (Rule 69)No goalYes
Review10/17/16COLPITNo goal (COL)Puck kicked in (Rule 49.2)COL Martinsen used distinct kicking motionNo goalNo
Challenge10/17/16BOSWPGGoal (BOS)WPGOffsideBOS Ryan Spooner was offside (78.7)No goalYes
Review10/16/16BUFEDMGoal (BUF)Puck played above crossbar (Rule 38.4 vi)Review inconclusive; call on ice standsGoalNo
Challenge10/16/16BUFEDMGoal (BUF)EDMInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review10/15/16PHIARINo goal (PHI)Check whether puck crossed lineInconclusive; call on ice standsNo goalNo
Challenge10/15/16PHIARIGoal (ARI)PHIInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review10/15/16DALCOL No goal (COL)Puck covered in crease by player. Puck crossed line first. Goal. No penalty shot awarded.GoalYes
Challenge10/15/16WPGMINGoal (WPG)Sit RmInterferenceMIN Dumba pushed WPG Perreault into MIN G Dubynk (Rule 78.7 ii)GoalNo
Review10/15/16NJDTBLNo goal (TBL)Check whether puck crossed linePuck did not cross lineNo goalNo
Challenge10/15/16NJDTBLGoal (NJD)TBLOffsideNJD Mike Cammalleri was offside (78.7)No goalYes
Challenge10/13/16MTLBUFGoal (MTL)BUFInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo
Review10/13/16MTLBUFGoal (MTL)BUFCheck whether puck crossed lineConfirmed puck over lineGoalNo
Review10/13/16WSHPITNo goal (PIT)Check whether puck crossed linePuck hit post and rear support. Good goalGoalYes
Review10/13/16WSHPITGoal (PIT)Puck played above crossbar (Rule 38.4 vi)Puck contacted stick below crossbar height.GoalNo
Challenge10/13/16CARWPGGoal (WPG)CARInterferenceNo goaltender interferenceGoalNo

Coach’s Challenges & Video Reviews – What’s the Difference?

  • Video Review
    • Initiated by referee or Situation Room.
    • Reviews can be used to determine if puck crossed line; puck in net before goal dislodged; goal scored prior to time expiring; if puck was kicked or batted in; if puck deflected in directly off an official; or if puck was deflected in with a stick above the crossbar.
    • Decision made by NHL’s Situation Room.
  • Coach’s Challenge
    • Initiated by team’s head coach; in overtime or final minute of regulation, eligible plays are automatically reviewed.
    • Can only challenge for offside or goaltender interference.
    • Offside will be reviewed by Situation Room, consulting with linesmen for issues around possession, tag-up, etc. Goaltender interference determination made by on-ice officials.