The Elite Ice Hockey League (U.K.) has updated their officials for the 2022-23 season.  Below are this season’s EIHL referees and linesmen:


2022-23 EIHL Referees

3Pering, Tom
7Sewell, Liam
11Rose, Matthew
16Craig, Alan
19Brown, Stephen
20Halas, Pavel
23Miller, Andrew
24Hogarth, Stefan
25Dalton, Andrew
41Bicknell, Adam
42Good, Dave
43Poulton, Huw
44Sewell, Joe
46Jarvise Andrew
48Truswell, Oliver
49Ferguson, Daniel
52Matthews, Stephen
47Ions, James
43Rodger, Graham
14Wells, Chris

2022-23 EIHL Linesmen

17Ashton, James
22Staniforth, Paul
35Gibson, Lewis
38Beresford, Danny
57Sitch-Cunningham, Flynn
60Pullar, Robert
61Smith, Stuart
62Nelson, James
63Lack, Amy
64Gartshore, Lee
65Kowal, Mariusz
66Hardy, Ethan
67Connor, Colin
79Young, Lee
81Carmichael, Nathan
82Ward, Allan
87Dolan, Lewis
88Rodger, Scott
90Lukosevicius, Vytas
91Kisil, Ilya
95Cook, Andy
98Fraley, Ryan