New Jersey Devils forward Jack Hughes scored the game-tying goal after the whistle sounded against the New York Rangers on what was deemed a ‘continuous play’.

Hughes fired a quick wrister on goal. It looked like an easy stop for goaltender Igor Shesterkin, but the puck trickled through and rolled across the goal line after the whistle sounded. 

Referees Kelly Sutherland and Francois St. Laurent confirmed the ‘goal’ call on the ice before consulting with the Situation Room.  After review, the call was confirmed: good goal Devils.

The ruling was made under Rule 37.3:

Puck entering the net as the culmination of a continuous play where the result of the play was unaffected by any whistle blown by the Referee upon his losing sight of the puck


Rangers fans will likely be frustrated with their team giving up a goal after the whistle. Last week, they had a goal disallowed where the puck appeared to be over the line well before the whistle sounded, but after the referee intended to blow the play dead. 

It’s a different situation and a different rule.  This one only comes into play when the officials determine that the play was unaffected by the whistle. Regardless of whether or not the whistle blew when it did, the puck would’ve trickled in. 


Referees for the game were Kelly Sutherland (#11) and Francois St. Laurent (#8), with linesmen Steve Barton (#59) and Michel Cormier (#76).