Former NHL referee Tim Peel admitted to biased calls when it came to handing out penalties to star players.

“Did I give Sid Crosby some breaks over the years? Did I give Alexander Ovechkin? Did I give the superstars? Absolutely, ’cause – guess what – that’s what the 18,000 fans are there to see. They’re there to see him, not some fourth-line plugger.”

Peel admitted that major or match penalties don’t offer as much leeway, even for the big names.

“[For a cross-check to the head], the refs have to call it. The refs are gonna call it. I don’t think Hockey Ops says, ‘Well, Buffalo’s not very good .We shouldn’t suspend the other player because they’ve got a good team and Buffalo’s not very good.’ I disagree with that.”

Roenick charged that the officials were biased before insinuating in jest that eertain Hall of Fame officials may have been betting on games or “meeting someone at Starbucks with an envelope.” 


Here’s Tim with Jeremy Roenick from the Snipes and Stripes Podcast: