Referee Kevin Pollock was mic’d up for the NHL Global Series games in Australia, as were players on the Arizona Coyotes and Los Angeles Kings.

Pollock and Kings forward Kevin Fiala discussed the local fauna:

Fiala: “You had vacation… for five days now?”

Pollock: “No vacation. Gotta work, man!  You know what? It was good. We got to see a little of the countryside, like in terms of the penguins in Phillip Island.”

Fiala: “Oh, you saw that too?”

Pollock: “Yeah, it was great.”

Fiala: “What about kangaroos?”

Pollock: “Hey, I saw a kangaroo!”

Fiala: “Like, in the wild?”

Pollock: “Just on the side of the road. Yep!”

Fiala: “No way!”

Pollock: “Yup. Yeah.”

Linesperson Bevan Mills responds to a shove from the Kings’ Jacob Doty on Coyotes center Alex Kerfoot near the Los Angeles bench. 

“That’s unnecessary right now,” warns Mills. “Oh no!”

The two preseason games were officiated by Pollock, Mills, referee Ghislain Hebert, and linesperson Matt MacPherson


Check out all the memorable mic’d up moments, including an amazing goal from the Coyotes’ Logan Cooley: