Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand has a reputation of being a pest on the ice.  While he may irritate opposing players, his sandpaper style doesn’t appear to be drawing the ire of the officials. 

Boston Hockey Now’s Jimmy Murphy recently discussed Marchand with retired NHL referee Dave Jackson on Murphy’s Hockey Law Podcast

“I’ve gotta tell you something about Brad Marchand: As many headaches as he caused us – I mean, always starting something or whatever – he was always respectful to us,” Jackson said.  “I don’t think I ever had an issue with Brad Marchand. He always had a funny one-liner, and I got along great with him.”

Those comments worked their way back to Marchand, as reported by Boston Hockey Now, who voiced his support for the officials. 

“It’s funny right? Bet you were surprised!” Marchand said. “I think the longer you’re with them, you realize they have a very tough job to do, there’s no question. If we get heated in the moment and pipe off at them at the wrong times, it’s about having respect for them. They’re trying to do the same thing we’re doing. They love the game, and they’re doing the best they possibly can.”

“They’re under a tremendous amount of pressure now with the video reviews and the way they can replay everything… it’s very tough on them with the mics and stuff like that.”

“They’re doing a great job, and I think that the guys I’ve really come to get along with, there’s a respect that if I say the wrong thing or get caught up in it with them, it’s not personal. I try to let them know, ‘I’m sorry, I just got caught up in the moment,’ and I think they understand. I get it. No one likes someone piping off at you when you’re just trying to do your job, and they’ll come back at you and put you in your place too, if you deserve it, and I’m sure they enjoy that, but I think we’ve built a mutual respect.”


Nice to hear Marchand give credit to the officials, who undoubtedly keep an eye when he’s out on the ice. 

Marchand was involved in 78 penalty calls last season; only Michael Bunting (85) and Brady Tkachuk (79) were higher in combined penalties drawn and taken.  Marchand drew 41 calls (ranked 4th in the league) and took 37 (tied for 4th in the league).  

Now if he can only avoid smacking them in the face…