The Women’s World Championship is underway for Division I, Group A.  At stake are two slots at the top-level 2024 Women’s World Championship tournament.  One team is also facing a potential demotion.

From the IIHF:

Denmark will be joined by hosts China, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, and Slovakia in Shenzen for a six-team, round-robin tournament. Both the winner and second-place finisher will be promoted to the top level of the IIHF Women’s World, Championship for April 2024 in Utica, New York (Hungary and France having been demoted after the 2023 WW top level). Because of their recent successes, Denmark has to be considered one of the favourites, but their path will not be an easy one. And, at the other end, teams have to remember that while promotion may be on the line for some, demotion to I-B for one team could also become reality.

But before the promotions and demotion, the teams need to play the games.  For that, we’ll need officials. 

Here are the IIHF referees and linespersons working the tourney: 


Ida Henriksson (Sweden)
Kaisa Ketonen (Finland)
Amy Martin (Canada)
Miyuki Nakayama (Japan)
Michelle Stapleton (Canada)
Jestina Vichorek (USA)
Mackenzie Welter (USA)
Laura White (USA)


Marine Dinant (Belgium)
Laura Gutauskas (Canada)
Eva Marie Molekova (Slovakia)
Johanna Oksanen (Finland)
Adrienn Paulheim (Hungary)
Natalia Suchanek (Poland)
Jennifer Vicha (Switzerland)
Kirsten Welsh (Canada)

Officiating coaches – both from Canada – are Todd Anderson and Vanessa Stratton.

The round-robin tournament runs from August 20 through 26.