Referee Kelly Sutherland was mic’d up for Game 1 of the Western Conference Final between the Dallas Stars and the Vegas Golden Knights.



Sutherland and Golden Knights forward Keegan Kolesar had a quick chat about a hit.

“We’re good,” Sutherland advised. “It’s a clean hit.”

“Clean hit? That’s fine… He comes with a crosscheck like that.”

While it’s hard to hear Sutherland’s response, Kolesar seems satisfied.

“Thank you,” he replies to the ref. “I appreciate it.”

You can hear Sudsy warning the players about possible infractions.

“Watch the interference! Watch the interference, men!”

Sutherland even gave a heads up to Vegas goaltender Adin Hill.

“I saw ’em crowding you pretty good there, Adin,” Sutherland tells the netminder. “So I’ll be keeping an eye on that.”

He absolutely was, later advising the Stars to stay out of the blue paint.

“Good battles!  Watch the interference.  Outta that crease, Ty [Dellandrea]. Watch that crease, men!”


Listen to more from Sutherland, along with head coaches Pete DeBoer and Bruce Cassidy and players on both sides in Game 1 of the Western Conference Final.