Latvia needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. They got one, winning big over Kazakhstan 7-0.  They also got a crazy goal that was awarded after review, and confirmed after a coach’s challenge.

Latvia’s Martins Dzierkals was tripped up on a breakaway by Kazakh defenseman Danil Butenko. Dzierkals crashed into the goaltender and the net, knocking it off its pegs. Through all the chaos, the puck slid over the goal line.  

Referees Stefan Huerlimann and Sean MacFarlane reviewed the play, confirming the call on the ice: good goal, Latvia.

Rule 63.7 handles displaced nets:

In the event the Goal Post is displaced, either “deliberately” or “accidentally”, by a defending Player, prior to the puck crossing the Goal Line between the normal position of the goalposts, the Referee may award a goal.

In order to award a goal in this situation, the Goal Post must have been displaced by the actions of a defending Player, the attacking Player must have “an imminent scoring opportunity” prior to the Goal Post being displaced, and it must be determined that the puck would have entered the Goal between the normal position of the Goal Posts.

In this case, the officials determined that Butenko’s actions – his foul that took down Dzierkals – caused the net to come off.

Rule 78.4 supports the puck deflecting in:

If an attacking Player has the puck deflect into the net, off their skate or body, in any manner, the goal shall be allowed. The Player who deflected the puck shall be credited with the goal.

Kazakhstan head coach Galym Mambetaliev then challenged the goal for goaltender interference.

Again, though, the officials determined that the contact was caused by the actions of the defending player. Per Rule 38.11:

The standard for overturning the call in the event of a “no goal” call on the ice is that the On-ice Officials (Referees), after reviewing any and all replays and consulting with the IIHF Video Review Operations, determine that the goal on the ice should have been allowed because … the attacking Player was pushed, shoved or fouled by the defending Player causing the attacking Player to come into contact with the Goalkeeper

The goal survived the second review, giving Latvia a 3-0 lead.  Kazakhstan was issued a bench minor for delay of game for the failed challenge.