We’ve narrowed the field… and the officials.  Eight teams have moved on to the second round of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, as have twenty-four officials. Here are the 12 NHL Referees and 12 NHL Linesmen advancing to Round 2,the Conference Semi-Finals:



Gord Dwyer, Trevor Hanson, Jean Hebert, Steve Kozari, Chris Lee, Wes McCauley, Jon McIsaac, Dan O’Rourke, Kyle Rehman, Chris Rooney, Graham Skilliter, and Kelly Sutherland. 

First-Timers: Trevor Hanson, Kyle Rehman, and Graham Skilliter advance to the Conference Semifinals for the first time.

Out from Round 1: Jake Brenk, Francis Charron, Eric Furlatt, Frederick L’Ecuyer, T.J. Luxmore, Kendrick Nicholson, Kevin Pollock, Garrett Rank

Standby Refs: Frederick L’Ecuyer, Kendrick Nicholson



Shandor Alphonso, Steve Barton, Devin Berg, David Brisebois, Scott Cherrey, Michel Cormier, Brad Kovachik, Matt MacPherson,  Bevan Mills, Kiel Murchison, Jonny Murray, and Bryan Pancich

First-Timers: Bevan Mills

Out from Round 1:  Kyle Flemington,  Brandon Gawryletz, Travis Gawryletz, Ryan Gibbons, Jesse Marquis, Andrew Smith, Libor Suchanek, and James Tobias

Standby Linesmen: Ryan Gibbons, Andrew Smith


Who Made – and Missed –  The Cut?

All of the Game 7 officials have moved on (Lee/Kozari, Rooney/Skilliter, and Dwyer/McCauley), as expected.

Two ref pairings saw both officials eliminated. The ref pairing of Jake Brenk and Francis Charron has been eliminated after working Panthers/Bruins Game 1, Islanders/Hurricanes Game 2, Leafs/Lightning Game 3, and Devils/Rangers Game 4.  The duo of Kevin Pollock and Garrett Rank – having handled Rangers/Devils Game 1, Oilers/Kings Game 3, Stars/Wild Game 4, and Jets/Golden Knights Game 5 – will also not move on.  Pollock now has two consecutive first-round exits after having worked the Cup Final in 2015 and 2017.

Four pairings saw both refs move on: Dwyer/McIsaac, Rooney/Skilliter, Kozari/Lee, and Rehman/Hebert. While there’s no guarantee those officials will stick together in the Conference Semifinals, it appears Rehman and Hebert will continue as a pair.

Referee Chris Rooney and linesman Bryan Pancich are the only American-born officials moving on to Round 2. 


The officials moving on all get a nice playoff bonus. Referees and Linesmen are paid by round – not by game – in the playoffs. Referees earn $27,000 and linesmen $17,250, so advancing is not only a big honor, but a financial bump.  Standby referees earn $1000 for being on call, with an increase to $2,750 if they get into the game; linesmen pick up a $650 check which jumps to $1,775 if they take the ice.