Tough Call took a look at the cross-check by Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk on Boston Bruins winger Garnet Hathaway. 

Tkachuk was given a minor penalty for cross-checking on this play by referees T.J. Luxmore and Dan O’Rourke.  He was later fined $5000 by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety

Tough Call would’ve handed out something a bit more significant: 



Watch out the video for a complete breakdown, plus Tough Call’s suspension recommendation. 

“To go this out of your way and target a vulnerable area of an opponent who has no idea it’s coming. That’s super greasy….”

“Tkachuk targets an area directly between the top of the pants and the bottom of the shoulder pads – the unprotected area of the lower back – and he uses enough force that the shaft of his stick bends around the form of Hathaway’s back. Considering the length of time after the whistle and the distance traveled to target this vulnerable area of the part of the body, that’s a play that has nothing to do with hockey.”

“Tough call would suspend Matthew Tkachuk of the Florida Panthers seven games for cross-checking.”


From Tough Call:

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