The IIHF Officials have been selected for the 2023 Women’s World Championship in Brampton, Ontario.

The tournament kicks off April 5, with the gold medal game set for Sunday, April 16.  Group A features Canada, USA, Czechia, Switzerland, and Japan; Group B includes Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, and France.



Kelly Cooke (USA) 2,A
Brandy Dewar (CAN)
Tijana Haack  (GER) 1,3
Samantha Hiller  (USA) 1,A
Julia Kainberger (AUT) 1,2,3
Agnese Kārkliņa (LAT) 1
Cianna Lieffers (CAN) 1,2,A
Elizabeth Mantha (CAN) A
Shauna Neary (CAN) 1,2
Anniina Nurmi  (FIN) 1,2,3
Chelsea Rapin (USA) 2,3
Amanda Tassoni (USA) 1,A


Sarah Buckner (USA)
Jennifer Cameron (USA) 1
Jessica Chartrand (CAN) 1,2
Zora Gottlibet (HUN)
Erika Greenen (USA)
Anna Hammar (SWE) 1,2,3
Magdalena Jonáková (SVK) 1
Amy Lack (GBR)
Tina Saarimäki (FIN) 1
Kamila Smetkova (CZE)
Justine Todd (CAN) 1,2
Erin Zach (CAN)


1: Officiated 2022 World Championship.  2: Officiated 2021 World Championship. 3. Selected to officiate 2020 World Championship (canceled).  A: Officiating in the AHL for 2022-23.

Officiating coaches are Joy Johnston (GBR), Jessica Leclerc (USA), Stacey Livingston (USA), and Kim Pedersen (DEN).

From the IIHF:

“Hockey Canada is proud to host the 2023 IIHF Women’s World Championship with the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association and we look forward to welcoming fans of all ages to Brampton in April as we celebrate the best women’s hockey players in the world,” said Marin Hickox, director of women & girls hockey for Hockey Canada. “The legacy of this tournament will go beyond the results on the ice, and we hope that it will inspire the next generation of girls to follow their hockey dreams and show them that they too can wear the Maple Leaf one day.”

More than half of the players who recently won the 2022 IIHF Women’s World Championship played in the OWHA. The Ontario Women’s Hockey Association will be hosting its provincial tournaments over the final weekend of the Women’s World Championship, bringing in more than 15,000 female hockey players to Brampton and surrounding communities.

“We are thrilled to bring this championship, which is one of the world top sporting events, back to Ontario, the hub of female hockey in the world,” said Fran Rider, president and chief executive officer of the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association. “These events inspire people of all ages and cultures to have the confidence to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams in sport and in life. Women’s hockey continues to unite the world in a positive way and also develops strong female leaders in many countries.”

Canada has won gold in six of eight Women’s Worlds played on home ice, per the IIHF.

Congratulations and good luck to the officials selected to work the 2023 IIHF Women’s World Championship.