The Vancouver Canucks were given a penalty shot after Detroit Red Wings goaltender Ville Husso pulled the net off its pegs.

The displaced net came with less than a minute to play in the third period of Monday’s game, with the Wings leading 6-1.  Husso went behind the net to play the puck. His pass was intercepted by a hard-charging Nils Aman. As Husso hustled to get back to the crease, he braced himself by putting his glove on to of the goal, inadvertently tipping it forward.



Referee Garrett Rank whistled the play dead as Detroit retained possession. He then signaled for a penalty shot.

That’s right… not a minor penalty.  A penalty shot.

Here’s the relevant rule (63.1):

A minor penalty for delay of game shall be imposed […] on any player who delays the game by deliberately displacing a goal post from its normal position. The Referee shall stop play immediately when the offending team gains control of the puck

This is one of the rare situations where the penalty is different based on the time of the infraction.

Rule 63.6 covers the change in the final two minutes of the game:

If by reason of insufficient time in the regular playing time or by reason of penalties already imposed, the minor penalty assessed to a player for deliberately displacing his own goal post cannot be served in its entirety within the regular playing time of the game or at any time in overtime, a penalty shot shall be awarded against the offending team.

Unlike most penalties, an intentionally displaced net in the final two minutes of the game – or any point in overtime – results in a penalty shot.

The Canucks selected forward Phil DiGiuseppe to take the shot. He failed to convert, ringing a forehand off the post.

The score held as the Detroit Red Wings defeated the Vancouver Canucks 6-1. Referees for the game were Garrett Rank (#7) and Carter Sandlak (#47) with linesmen Ryan Gibbons (#58) and Kiel Murchison (#79).