Is this a referee who plays goal, or a goalie who refs?

When your love for officiating and goaltending collide, this is what happens.

Goaltender/referee Jason Bisbing had this custom setup created to bring it all together.  The Maine native has spent 25 years between the pipes, and nearly as long in stripes.  Currently a USA Hockey official, he works games across New England, from youth to college hockey.

Inspiration struck after checking out James McDonagh’s setup four years back. Bisbing started out with the striped sweater and black and white pads before completing the officiating look with coordinated pads and helmet.

Though he’s yet to wear it in a game, he’s created quite a buzz in pickup games and online.

“Everyone at pick up hockey has loved it,” said Bisbing. “I’ve worn the jersey in games and people get a kick out of it.  Since I first posted the photo on a couple of social media sites last Tuesday, it has amazed me how far it stretched and the number of people and pages the have posted it on their social media.  It is nothing I ever would have dreamed of happening.”

It’s an amazing setup — perfect for an all-officials’ team, which Bisbing once played on. Perhaps it’s time to get the band back together.