Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Jeff Petry has been fined $5,000 for roughing after a punch to the head of Detroit Red Wings forward Jonatan Berggren.



Petry was having a frustrating game. After missed coverage down low resulted in a Red Wings goal, Petry took a hard hit from Red Wings forward Elmer Soderblom. He responded with a light cross-check before challenging Berggren along the boards.

Petry attempted to stick-check Berggren unsuccessfully, then delivered a gloved punch to the back of the Detroit forward’s head.  Petry’s glove appeared to hit his opponent’s shoulder pads, deflecting the intended blow. Berggren was not injured on the play.

Referee Peter MacDougall immediately handed out a roughing minor.  Now, Player Safety has tacked on an additional fee.

Here’s a refresher on the NHL’s roughing rule:

Roughing is a punching or slamming motion with or without the glove on the hand, normally directed at the head or face of an opponent […]  Roughing is a minor altercation that is not worthy of a major penalty to either participant. (An altercation is a situation involving two players with at least one to be penalized).

A minor penalty shall be imposed on a player who  strikes an opponent with his hand or fist.  

Petry’s fine of $5,000 is the maximum permitted under the CBA without a hearing.  Don’t expect this to have a significant financial impact on the 34-year-old blueliner, who’s set to earn $7.5 million this season.


Referees for the game were Peter MacDougall (#38) and Justin Kea (#44), with Steve Barton (#59) and Mark Shewchyk (#92) on the lines.


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