It’s the final two teams – and the final 10 officials.

The NHL Referees and Linesmen are set for the 2022 Stanley Cup Final between the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Here are the officials moving on to the Cup Final:



  • Gord Dwyer #19 (3rd Cup Final)
  • Jean Hebert #15 (1st Cup Final)
  • Wes McCauley #4 (9th Cup Final)
  • Chris Rooney #5 (5th Cup Final)
  • Kelly Sutherland #11 (9th Cup Final)

Out from Conference Finals: Eric Furlatt, Frederick L’Ecuyer, Dan O’Rourke



  • Steve Barton #59 (2nd Cup Final)
  • Ryan Daisy #81 (1st Cup Final)
  • Brad Kovachik #71 (4th Cup Final)
  • Kiel Murchison #79 (2nd Cup Final)
  • Jonny Murray #95 (5th Cup Final)

Out from Conference Finals: Devin Berg, Ryan Gibbons, Matt MacPherson



Referee Jean Hebert and linesman Ryan Daisy are making their first trips to the Stanley Cup Final. 

Seven of the officials for this year’s Final have worked a recent Lightning Cup win. Returning from 2021 are Gord Dwyer, Kiel Murchison, Jonny Murray, and Kelly Sutherland.  From the 2020 Final between the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning are Steve Barton, Brad Kovachik, Wes McCauley and Kelly Sutherland.

Referee Kelly Sutherland has worked the past two Stanley Cup Finals, and 7 of the past 8.

McCauley and Rooney are both returning to the Final after missing the cup last season.

That’s an extra $27,000 per referee and $17,250 per linesman who’s moving on.

Ref pairings are typically blown up at this point, with the five officials in a rotation. Expect one of the Game 1 refs to return for Game 5 with a new partner.

The NHLOA’s current CBA with the league calls for five referees and five linesmen. Under the previous deal, the NHL selected four of each, resulting in two set crews.


Who’s Been Cut?

Dan O’Rourke officiated the past two Stanley Cup Finals (TBL/MTL, TBL/DAL) and has worked five career Cup Finals.  Eric Furlatt also refereed last year’s Final between the Bolts and Habs; his first.  

Referee Frederick L’Ecuyer and linesman Devin Berg, both making their Conference Final debuts, have yet to reach the Stanley Cup Final.

On the lines, linesman Matt MacPherson handled the Stanley Cup Final in 2018 (VGK/WSH) and 2020 (DAL/TBL).




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