Forty officials begin the Stanley Cup Playoffs — only 24 move on to Round 2. The NHL has named the officials for the second round of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Here are the 12 NHL Referees and 12 NHL Linesmen chosen to officiate Round 2:



Gord Dwyer, Eric Furlatt, Jean Hebert, Steve Kozari, Frederick L’Ecuyer, Chris Lee, Wes McCauley, Jon McIsaac, Dan O’Rourke, Chris Rooney, Francois St. Laurent, and Kelly Sutherland.

Out from Round 1: Jake Brenk, Trevor Hanson, T.J. Luxmore, Brian Pochmara, Kevin Pollock, Garrett Rank, Kyle Rehman, Graham Skilliter.



Steve Barton, Devin Berg, David Brisebois, Scott Cherrey, Ryan Daisy, Ryan Gibbons, Brad Kovachik, Matt MacPherson, Kiel Murchison, Jonny Murray, Bryan Pancich, and Mark Shewchyk.

Out from Round 1: Shandor Alphonso, Ryan Galloway, Brandon Gawryletz, Trent Knorr, Bevan Mills, Derek Nansen, Andrew Smith, and Libor Suchanek


Who Made The Cut?

All of the Game 7 crews have moved on, as expected.

The ref pairing of Kevin Pollock and T.J. Luxmore have both missed the cut; they handled Bruins/Canes Game 1, Caps/Panthers Game 2, Leafs/Bolts Game 4, Stars/Flames Game 5, and Rangers/Penguins Game 6.

Pollock’s cut is a minor surprise — he’s the only dropped ref with Cup Final experience (2015, 2017); he made it as far as Round 2 last year.

The referees who made it through together were Chris Lee/Frederick L’Ecuyer, Eric Furlatt/Jon McIsaac, and Gord Dwyer/Francois St. Laurent. All others lost one from their first-round pairings.

The two intact linesman pairings from Round 1 were Steve Barton/Ryan Daisy and Ryan Gibbons/Brad Kovachik; no word on if they’ll keep working together as they advance.  All other linesmen were split up, with only one partner advancing.

Smith’s cut is a bit surprising; he worked the 2021 Conference Finals.

Referee Chris Rooney and linesmen Ryan Daisy and Bryan Pancich are the only American-born officials working the second round; the remaining stripes hail from Canada.


As in previous seasons, the league will cut down on the pool of officials after each round of the playoffs. Only eight referees and eight linesmen will move on to the Conference Finals.