Oh, Keith Yandle, you’ve been in this league for 15 years. You’ve played 968 consecutive games..  You know you can’t do that.

The Flyers blueliner made a desperation play in an attempt to prevent an empty net goal.  His actions made that goal a certainty.



With the Detroit Red Wings leading 3-2, center Michael Rasmussen skated into the attacking zone facing an empty net. Yandle had no shot of catching him, so he threw his stick at the puck.  Rasmussen avoided the sliding twig and deposited the biscuit in the basket to put the Wings up 4-2.

Had the Wings forward missed, the goal still would have been awarded by referee Pierre Lambert.

Here’s the rule:

53.8 Awarded Goal – If, when the opposing goalkeeper has been removed, a member of the defending team, including the Coach or any non-playing person, throws or shoots any part of a stick or any other object or piece of equipment at the puck or puck carrier in the neutral or his own defending zone, thereby preventing the puck carrier from having a clear shot on an “open net”, a goal shall be awarded to the attacking side.

In this case, that wasn’t necessary. Rasmussen did the work, but he would’ve gotten the goal either way.

Detroit won the game 4-2. Referees were Pierre Lambert and Mitch Dunning. Linesmen were Steve Barton and Andrew Smith.