The teams are set.  Now, so are the officials.

The IIHF has announced the referees and linespersons handling the Women’s Ice Hockey Tournament at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.



Daria Abrosimova (Russia)
Nikoleta Celarova (Slovakia)
Kelly Cooke (USA)
Daria Ermak (Russia)
Maria Furberg (Sweden)
Tijana Haack (Germany)
Cianna Lieffers (Canada)
Elizabeth Mantha (Canada)
Anniina Nurmi (Finland)
Chelsea Rapin (USA)
Lacey Senuk (Canada)
Anna Wiegand (Switzerland)


Alexandra Blair (Canada)
Anna Hammar (Sweden)
Kendall Hanley (USA)
Jennie Heikkinen (Finland)
Julia Kainberger (Austria)
Lisa Linnek (Germany)
Veronica Lovensno (Sweden)
Jacqueline Spresser (USA)
Sara Strong (USA)
Justine Todd (Canada)


Twelve countries are represented, with five officials each from Canada and the US.  Five officials are returning from the 2018 PyeongChang games: referee Nikoleta Celarova and linespersons Jennie Heikkinen, Lisa Linnek, Veronica Lovensno, and Justine Todd.  Sixteen of the selected Olympic officials also recently wore the stripes at the 2021 Women’s World Championship in Canada.

The Olympic officials also include four women who have made their debuts in the American Hockey League this season: Alexandra Blair, Kelly Cooke, Kendall Hanley, and Elizabeth Mantha.


The IIHF provided some background on the selection process:

The female officiating group had a large preparation camp in November prior to the Final Olympic Qualification where classroom sessions and physical testing was an important part to get the group together and create input for the final selection. The game officials were then spread to the three tournaments to officiate the final stage and also to be evaluated for the final selection of officials.


The Women’s Hockey tournament kicks off on February 3, with the Gold Medal Game two weeks later on February 17.

Congratulations to the officials selected to work the women’s ice hockey tournament at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.



The Olympic Men’s Hockey Officials for Beijing 2022 have also been announced:

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