“Let’s do it, guys! Let’s start the series right!”

NHL officials were mic’d up for the Stanley Cup Semifinals.  Here are some of the highlights of their comments as the Montreal Canadiens battled the Vegas Golden Knights and the New York Islanders took on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

  • 0:04 – “Have a great series, men!” offered referee Kelly Sutherland prior to dropping the puck at Isles/Bolts, giving a much shorter intro than his season-opening monologue.
  • 0:20 – “19! Get outta there!” warns Sutherland. “You got a– [whistle]  You want to join him?”
  • 0:27 – Gord Dwyer helps give directions: “Other way!  Bench is the other way! Bench is over there, we’ve got [a] TV [timeout]!”
  • 0:33 – Pat Maroon relays the ref’s message. “He said if you give anyone a shot now, you’re all going to the box!”
  • 1:15 – “I’m just talking,” offers Chris Lee. “I’m not mad. I’m just talking.”
  • 1:46 – Chris Lee feels your pain, Shea Weber. “I wish I could do more. I know where you’re coming from.  I actually do. I wish I could tell you more.”


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