We’re down to four teams, eight referees, and eight linesmen.

As the playoffs advance to the NHL’s Stanley Cup Semifinals — aka Conference Finals, in a normal year — here are the officials moving on.  While the NHL has had a separate pool of officials in Canada, the groups have merged for this round.


Francis Charron, Gord Dwyer, Eric Furlatt, Chris Lee, Wes McCauley, Dan O’Rourke, Francois St. Laurent, Kelly Sutherland

Out from Round 2:  Jean Hebert,  Brad Meier, Brian Pochmara, Kevin Pollock



David Brisebois, Scott Cherrey, Michel Cormier, Ryan Gibbons, Kiel Murchison, Jonny Murray, Bryan Pancich, Andrew Smith

Out from Round 2: Devin Berg, Steve Barton, Matt MacPherson, Mark Shewchyk  


Standby Officials: Referee Brian Pochmara, Linesman Devin Berg

First-Timers: Linesmen Andrew Smith is making his first trip to the Conference Finals.


Of this group, the officials to have previously worked a Stanley Cup Final are referees Francis Charron, Gord Dwyer, Wes McCauley, Dan O’Rourke, and Kelly Sutherland, and linesmen Scott Cherrey and Jonny Murray.

The puck drops on the New York Islanders vs. Tampa Bay Lightning on Sunday, June 13.  Montreal Canadiens vs. Vegas Golden Knights gets underway on Monday, June 14.


Congratulations to the NHL Referees and Linesmen selected to work the 2021 Stanley Cup Semifinals.





Here’s the rundown of the NHL Referees and Linesmen selected for the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs:

NHL Referees and Linesmen for 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs