Edmonton Oilers forward Josh Archibald has been suspended for one game for clipping Winnipeg Jets defenseman Logan Stanley.



The hit game at 11:09 of the the third period of Game 3 of the first round Stanley Cup Playoff series between the Oilers and Jets.

Archibald was given a minor penalty for tripping by referees Marc Joannette and Brad Meier.  Player Safety adjusted the call to more accurately be deemed clipping.

Here’s the NHL rulebook on clipping:

44.1 Clipping – Clipping is the act of throwing the body across or below the knees of an opponent from any direction. A player may not deliver a check in a “clipping” manner, nor lower his own body position to deliver a check on or below an opponent’s knees.

An illegal “low hit” is a check that is delivered by a player who may or may not have both skates on the ice, with his sole intent to check the opponent in the area of his knees. A player may not lower his body position to deliver a check to an opponent’s knees.

44.2 Minor Penalty – A player who commits these fouls will be assessed a minor penalty for “clipping.”

44.3 Major Penalty – If an injury occurs as a result of this “clipping” check […] A game misconduct penalty must be assessed anytime a major penalty is applied for injuring an opponent by clipping.

44.4 Match Penalty – The Referee, at his discretion, may assess a match penalty if, in his judgment, the player attempted to or deliberately injured his opponent by clipping.

Archibald will be eligible to return to the Oilers’ lineup for Game 5.

With no paychecks in the postseason, Archibald does not forfeit any salary as a result of the suspension.