Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby was awarded a goal in Sunday’s win over the Washington Capitals.  The Penguins’ captain was facing an empty net when he was hooked off the puck in the neutral zone.

The Pens were awarded a goal on the play before the puck even entered the net.


Here’s the NHL rule on the play:

If, when the opposing goalkeeper has been removed from the ice, a player in control of the puck (or who could have obtained possession and control of the puck) in the neutral or attacking zone is tripped or otherwise fouled with no opposition between him and the opposing goal, thus preventing a reasonable scoring opportunity, the Referee shall immediately stop play and award a goal to the attacking team.

McIsaac raised his arm to call the penalty, then signaled the goal, which would have counted whether the puck went in or not.

Pittsburgh won the game 6-3.  Referees were Jon McIsaac and Ghislain Hebert; linesmen were Shandor Alphonso and Tony Sericolo.