The IIHF Referees and Linesmen for the Medal Round of the 2021 World Juniors:

Bronze Medal Game
Finland vs. Russia – 5:30 PM

Referees: Michael Campbell #18, Kyle Kowalski #15
Linesmen: Maxime Chaput #57, Ben O’Quinn #61
Standby: Tyson Stewart #23, Matthew Mannella #68

Campbell is working back-to-back World Juniors Bronze Medal Games, having handled SWE/FIN in 2020.  This quartet is working their first game together this tournament. Only Kowalski and Chaput have seen action together, during CZE/RUS.  Campbell worked the semifinal game between USA and Finland, along with SWE/CZE, USA/CZE, and CAN/FIN.  Kowalski refereed GER/FIN, CZE/RUS, and CZE/AUT.

Gold Medal Game
USA vs. Canada – 9:30 PM

Referees: Olivier Gouin #34, Carter Sandlak #33
Linesmen: Jonathan Deschamps #67, Nathan Vanoosten #56
Standby: Mike Langin #19, Tarrington Wyonzek #58

All four officials worked the semifinals, with Gouin and Deschamps handling CAN/RUS and Sandlak and Vanoosten officiating USA/FIN. The two referees are working their first tournament game as a pairing, as are the linesmen. Gouin has also seen action in RUS/USA, CZE/RUS, SWE/USA, and FIN/SWE. Sandlak has reffed SUI/SVK, USA/CZE, RUS/SWE, and CAN/CZE.


The full lineup of World Juniors Referees and Linesmen:

Referees and Linesmen Selected for 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship