A buzzer-beater goal is always fun, provided it actually beat the buzzer.

A clock controversy came up in Canada’s 16-2 victory over Germany when the team scored an apparent goal with no time remaining on the clock.

The puck rolled through the legs of German goaltender Arno Tiefensee and trickled through the crease.  Time appeared to expire just prior to the puck crossing the line.

After the officials reviewed the play, the call was confirmed: Good goal Canada.

From the IIHF:

Following the video review of Canada’s fourth goal against Germany at the end of the first period during their preliminary round game on 26 December, a discrepancy was identified between the game clock and the overhead goal clock of one tenth of a second. Based on the information that the video goal judge had at the time and the referee’s call on the ice, the decision was to award the goal to Canada.

After consultation with all involved parties it was determined that there was a technical miscommunication involving the game and overhead goal clock systems.

The IIHF has corrected the issue to ensure proper timing is coordinated in all further reviews. This situation has now been resolved and the IIHF does not anticipate any further issues.

The controversial goal would prove immaterial, as Canada cruised to a 16-2 win.

Glad to see the IIHF has straightened this out before it happens in a more competitive match or in the medal rounds.