Head down to ice level with the NHL players, coaches, and – of course – the officials, who were mic’d up for Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.




Some highlights:

“Alright, men,” says one official prior to puck drop. “Let’s go to battle.”

Referee Brad Meier offers a warning to Vancouver Canucks goaltender Jacob Markstrom.

“We’ll protect you all night, but just watch when the guy’s going on the back door here that the stick doesn’t get stuck out,” Meier advises. “I don’t know if you even knew you did it.  Yeah, about four minutes ago, the guy’s going wide and the stick caught him up high.”

Refs Wes McCauley and Eric Furlatt discuss the defensive work of the Islanders.

“Barzal plays good D there.  He just has his stick [on the ice]. They’re asking for hooks.  Where are we gonna call a hook when his stick’s on the ice?

Linesmen Steve Barton and Devin Berg jump in to break up a scrum between the Bruins and Lightning in Game 2 of their series while referee Jean Hebert directs traffic.

“Let him go! These two are going for now,” yells Hebert. “Four-on-four, that’s the warning.  Next time, we’re taking one guy.”

Quick exchange between referee Kelly Sutherland and J.T — or T.J., as the official incorrectly called him — Miller of the Vancouver Canucks.

Referee Wes McCauley gives a heads up to New York Islanders head coach Barry Trotz.

“We’ve had a couple scrums now, I get it. A little bit of intensity, I like it. But don’t put us in a position. We grab one guy, maybe that’ll end it.”

McCauley and referee Francis Charron talk about the uneven penalty split.

“I’ve been getting the too-many-mens and delay-of-games,” says McCauley. “You’ve been getting the hooking, holding, high stick.  Boom! BOOOOM!”


There’s plenty more – check out the full mic’d up video!