As the clock ticked down, the Chicago Blackhawks thought they’d scored an empty-netter to secure their Game 1 win over the Edmonton Oilers.

Patrick Kane fired home the rebound of a Calvin De Haan shot to put the Hawks up 7-4 in the final minute of the game.  The goal, though, required a second look.

The NHL’s Situation Room reviews all plays eligible for a Coach’s Challenge in the final minute of regulation and at any point in overtime. That means an automatic review on every goal to confirm that there was no goaltender interference, that the play was offside, and that no stoppage was missed prior to the goal.



Linesmen Scott Cherrey and Kiel Murchison reviewed the play with the crew in Toronto.

De Haan entered the zone with the puck while Kane hustled back to get onside. Unfortunately, the puck completely crossed the blueline before Kane tagged up.

The goal was waved off, with the clock wound back to the time of the offside.

Chicago won 6-4.