Exhibition games are a great opportunity to shake off the rust and get ready for the playoffs. Thanks to the Carolina Hurricanes and Washington Capitals, the NHL’s Situation Room got in on the action during Wednesday’s game.

Midway through the first period, Hurricanes defenseman Jake Gardiner threw the puck at the Caps’ net. The initial shot was stopped by Washington goaltender Braden Holtby, but the puck deflected off the goalpost and came to rest near the goal line.  Capitals defenseman Nic Dowd and Carolina’s Nino Niederreiter both made a play for the puck, with the contact knocking Dowd off balance, sending him crashing into the crossbar.

The puck ended up in the net.  So did Trocheck.

The goal was immediately waved off by referee Francis Charron, who ruled that the net had been displaced.

Charron and ref Chris Lee headed over to check with the league’s Situation Room, which is operating as usual from their normal location in Toronto. After a three-minute review, the verdict came down.

“Video Review determined that the actions of Capitals forward Nic Dowd caused the net to be displaced from its moorings prior to the puck crossing the goal line. Therefore, the referees awarded Hurricanes forward Vincent Trocheck a goal.”

The net was clearly dislodged before the puck went in. Since that was the result of the actions of a defending player and the puck would’ve gone in if the net were in its proper position, the goal was allowed to stand – or, in this case, is awarded.

Here’s the relevant part of Rule 63.6:

“In the event that the goal post is displaced, either deliberately or accidentally, by a defending player, prior to the puck crossing the goal line between the normal position of the goalposts, the Referee may award a goal. In order to award a goal in this situation, the goal post must have been displaced by the actions of a defending player, the attacking player must have an imminent scoring opportunity prior to the goal post being displaced, and it must be determined that the puck would have entered the net between the normal position of the goal posts.”

“The goal frame is considered to be displaced if either or both goal pegs are no longer in their respective holes in the ice, or the net has come completely off one or both pegs, prior to or as the puck enters the goal.”

Nice work by the Situation Room in their exhibition warm-up.