New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban was joined by a few special guests in the latest installment of NHL Hat Trick Trivia.  Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron stepped in to quiz a Boston pediatric oncology nurse. National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman joined to quiz Chris Best, a police officer from New Jersey.  For us, though, the highlight of this week was referee Wes McCauley.



McCauley dropped in to quiz Toronto-area native Curtis Parker on the rules of the game.

While Parker has never officiated – “You probably refereed watching the games,” quipped McCauley – he gave it a shot.


1. How many minutes are assessed on a minor penalty?   

“That’s something P.K. takes a lot of, those penalties” joked McCauley. “We won’t go into the embellishment ones.”

2. What penalty, if any, do I assess P.K. on this play?

McCauley rolled a video clip of a play during a game between the Nashville Predators and Columbus Blue Jackets.

3. A player is on a breakaway. As he enters the attacking zone, the goalkeeper deliberately dislodges the goal. What is the call?

We’re not going to spoil this one for you…

Check out the video and hear the official ruling.


Expect to hear more from McCauley, who’ll be back in future installments of NHL Hat Trick Trivia.

“Wes was really great,” said NHL Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer. “First of all, his personality is over the top. And he and P.K. are fantastic together. So we’re going to bring him back on a weekly basis, because we just think he’s so much fun.”

“He’s got a great personality,” added Subban of the veteran official. “He brings great energy to the show and even on the ice, he garners so much respect from the players and people who have worked in the game. He’s a great guy, and it was really fun.”

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