Late in a tied game, the Philadelphia Flyers would’ve gladly taken a power-play to go for a regulation win.  They nearly had one, too.

New Jersey’s Damon Severson was called for high-sticking Philadelphia’s Jakub Voracek. That is, until Voracek fessed up.

The Flyers winger immediately skated to the referee to admit that Severson’s stick never touched him.


It was a great display of sportsmanship by Voracek, especially given the game situation — three minutes to play against a division rival.

Of course, Voracek could’ve also been watching out for his own wallet.

Given the way he reacted – throwing his head back and covering his face with his glove – intentional or not, Voracek may have found himself hit with a $2,000 for diving/embellishment.  No players have been fined yet this season for embellishing penalties, and Voracek certainly didn’t want to be the first.  Admitting to the missed high stick should keep him in the clear.


Referees for the game were Francois St. Laurent (#8) and Furman South (#44).  Linesmen were Trent Knorr (#63) and Steve Miller (#89).