Calgary Flames winger Milan Lucic will have a hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety for roughing Columbus Blue Jackets forward Kole Sherwood.

Sherwood, making his NHL debut, took a whack at a puck covered by Calgary goaltender David Rittich. Lucic took exception, charging at Sherwood and delivering a gloved punch to the rookie, knocking him to the ice.


Lucic was given two minor penalties for roughing.  It’s worth noting that there’s no provision for a roughing double-minor in the NHL rulebook.  Roughing can only result in a minor to a skater, with a match penalty for a goaltender who uses his blocker to punch an opponent.

Here’s Rule 51:

Roughing is a punching or slamming motion with or without the glove on the hand, normally directed at the head or face of an opponent, or if a player intentionally removes an opponent’s helmet

A minor penalty shall be imposed on a player who strikes an opponent with his hand or fist

Keep in mind, this is distinctly different from punching an unsuspecting opponent without a glove. From Rule 46, which covers fighting:

A match penalty shall be assessed to a player who punches an unsuspecting or unwilling opponent (i.e. “sucker punch”) and causes an injury.

Sherwood was not injured on the play.

Nonetheless, Player Safety would like to have a chat with Lucic.

“I saw the puck,” said Sherwood after the game. “He didn’t have it covered, I think, so until the whistle blows, I’m going for it.”

Sherwood was given two minutes for slashing on the play.

Lucic would be considered a repeat offender under the terms of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety.  He was fined $10,000 for roughing Tampa Bay’s Mathieu Joseph less than a year ago.

Referees for the game were Dan O’Rourke (#9) and Kevin Pollock (#33). Linesmen were Devin Berg (#87) and Ryan Galloway (#82).