Numbers are easy. Perhaps that’s why the NHL officials only sport digits on the backs of their stripes. It’s the names — and their pronunciation — that can be tricky.  Whether you’re a broadcaster looking to properly pronounce the officials’ names or a fan who wants to heckle accurately, it’s all about getting the names right.

Here’s the updated pronunciation guide for the 2019-20 NHL officials.  Changes from last season, however minor, are in bold, as are new officials.

All pronunciations provided by the National Hockey League. We’ve made a few changes based on our experiences and personal verification, and simplified the guide to exclude some of the more common names whose pronunciation is already familiar to most.  (Pronunciation key included at the end)




Reid Anderson (REED AN-dur-suhn)
Brandon Blandina (blan-DEE-nuh)
Jake Brenk (BREHNK)
Francis Charron (FRAN-sihs  sha-RAHN)
Tom Chmielewski (shihm-ehl-ESS-kee) – that’s a silent ‘W’ there
Mitch Dunning (DUHN-ihng )
Gord Dwyer (DWIGH-uhr)
Eric Furlatt (fur-LAHT)
Beaudry Halkidis (BOH-dree hal-KEE-dihs)
also ‘Beau’ (BOH)
Trevor Hanson (HAN-suhn)
Ghislain Hebert (ZHIHZ-lehn  AY-bair)
Jean Hebert (ZHAWN  AY-bair)
Marc Joannette (zhawn-EHT)
Dan Kelly (KEHL-ee)
Steve Kozari (koh-ZAHR-ee)
Pierre Lambert (pee-AIR lam-BAIR)
Frederick L’Ecuyer (LAY-KWEE-ay)
Chris Lee (LEE)
T.J. Luxmore (LUHX-mohr)
Peter MacDougall (mac-DOO-guhl)
Michael Markovic (MARK-oh-vitch)
Wes McCauley (muh-KAWL-ee)
Jon McIsaac (muhk-IGH-zihk)
Brad Meier (MIGH-uhr)
Dean Morton (MOHR-tuhn)
Kendrick Nicholson (NIH-kuhl-suhn)
Conor O’Donnell (oh-DAHN-uhl)
Dan O’Halloran (oh-HAL-uh-ruhn)
Dan O’Rourke (oh-ROHRK)
Tim Peel (PEEL)
Brian Pochmara (pahk-MAHR-uh)
Kevin Pollock (PAHL-uhk)
Garrett Rank (RANK)
Kyle Rehman (RAY-muhn)
Chris Rooney (ROO-nee)
Chris Schlenker (SCHLENK-uhr)
Brandon Schrader (SHRAY-duhr)
Graham Skilliter (SKIHL-ih-tuhr)
Furman South (SOWTH)
Francois St. Laurent (frahn-SWAH SAINT-loh-RAHNT)
Justin St. Pierre (SAINT-pee-AIR)
Kelly Sutherland (SUH-thuhr-luhnd)
Corey Syvret (sih-VREHT)
Ian Walsh (WAWLSH)




Shandor Alphonso (SHAN-dohr al-FAHN-so)
Derek Amell (a-MEHL)
Tyson Baker (BAY-kuhr)
Steve Barton (BAHR-tuhn)
Devin Berg (BUHRG)
David Brisebois (BREEZ-bwah)
Scott Cherrey (CHEHR-ee) new CHAIR-ee
Michel Cormier (mih-SHEHL KOHR-mee-ay)
Ryan Daisy (DAY-zee)
Greg Devorski (duh-VOHR-skee)
Scott Driscoll (DRIHS-kuhl)
Kyle Flemington (FLEHM-ihng-tuhn)
Julien Fournier (FOORN-yay)
Ryan Galloway (GAL-oh-way)
Brandon Gawryletz (GAHR-lehtz)
Travis Gawryletz (GAHR-lehtz)
Ryan Gibbons (GIH-buhnz)
Darren Gibbs (GIHBZ)
Trent Knorr (K’NOHR) (The K is not silent)
Brad Kovachik (koh-VAH-chihk)
Brian Mach (MAHK)
Matt MacPherson (mak-FUR-suhn)
Jesse Marquis (mahr-KEE)
Steve Miller (MIH-luhr)
Bevan Mills (MIHLZ)
Kiel Murchison (KIGH-uhl  MUHR-chih-suhn)
Brian Murphy (MUHR-fee)
Jonny Murray (MUHR-ree)
Kory Nagy (NA-ghee) (Like ‘shaggy’)
Derek Nansen (NAN-sehn)
Bryan Pancich (PAN-sihch)
Pierre Racicot (RA-see-koh)
Vaughan Rody (VAWN  ROH-dee)
Tony Sericolo (sair-ih-KOH-loh)
Mark Shewchyk (SHOO-chihk)
Andrew Smith (SMIHTH)
Libor Suchanek (LEE-bohr  soo-CHAN-ehk)
James Tobias (toh-BIGH-ehs )
Travis Toomey (TOO-mee)


Pronunciation Key

AY – long A as in mate
A – short A as in cat
AI – nasal A as in air
AH – short A as in father
AW – broad A as in talk

EE – long E as in meat
EH – short E as in get
UH – hollow E as in ‘the’
AY – French long E with acute accent as in passé
IH – middle E as in pretty
EW – dipthong as in few

IGH – long I as in time
EE – French long I as in machine
IH – short I as in pity

OH – long O as in note
AH – short O as in hot
AW – broad O as in fought
OI – dipthong as in noise
OO – long double OO as in fool
U – short double O as in foot
OW – dipthong as in how

EW – long U as in mule
OO – long U as in rule
U – middle U as in put
UH – short U as in shut or hurt

K – hard C as in cat
S – soft C as in cease
SH – soft CH as in machine
CH – hard CH or TCH as in catch
Z – hard S as in bells
S – soft S as in sun
G – hard G as in gang
J – soft G as in general
ZH – soft J as in French version of Joliet
KH – gutteral CH as in Scottish version of Loch