Referee Tim Peel has spent 20 seasons in the National Hockey League.  Now he’s looking to impart some of that knowledge and experience to the next generation of officials.

The Tim Peel Referee Camp took place last weekend in Brentwood, Missouri.  Thirty four referees from six states attended, their ages ranging from 14 to 51.  Both classroom and on-ice sessions were held for campers to improve their officiating game, along with live game observations.

Tim Peel Referee Camp instructors Scott Bokal, Tim Peel, Andy Hudson, Joe Sullivan, Addison Brush, and Shaun Morgan

Tim Peel Referee Camp instructors, from left: Scott Bokal, Tim Peel, Andy Hudson, Joe Sullivan, Addison Brush, and Shaun Morgan

Presenters included NHL linesman Bryan Pancich, retired NHL linesman Jay Sharrers, ECHL linesman Addison Brush, USHL Director of Hockey Operations Shaun Morgan, NCHC referees Scott Bokal and Joe Sullivan.  Retired NHL winger Cam Janssen, who spent 7 years in the NHL suiting up for the New Jersey Devils and St. Louis Blues, also took part.

“Be individual. Don’t be a robot,” said Sharrers. “Know the rules, know your skating, but have your own style. Not flamboyant, not arrogant, not over the top, but develop your own style that makes you you.”


The camp also partnered with Team Stripes for teaching tools to help instruct campers, leveraging the wealth of informative and educational resources offered by the Team Stripes Academy.

Referee Tim Peel spoke with KSDK’s Frank Cusumano on the keys to officiating.

“Hustle , enthusiasm, awareness and attitude, and teamwork,” said Peel. “Those four elements make up a good official. You’ve got to be able to be a good skater, you’ve got be physically fit, you’ve got to have a great attitude, you’ve got to have enthusiasm, you’ve got to want to come to the rink and work hard every night, and you’ve got to want to be a good teammate.”

Here’s a look at some of the action from this weekend’s camp.


Proceeds from the camp benefit the Bill McKenna Scholarship Foundation. The grandfather of goaltender Mike McKenna, Bill is considered a founding father of amateur hockey in St. Louis and was an original member of the Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Association (MIHOA).

Learn more on the Tim Peel Ref Camp Facebook Page and on Twitter (@timpeelrefcamp).

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(All photos courtesy Tim Peel Referee Camp)