Listen to the action on the ice – and the chatter between players and officials – from Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:



Some officiating highlights:

“We’re good here,” Referee Francis Charron tells Carolina’s Justin Williams. “Don’t worry about me. Play the game. I’ll call the ——- game. We’re good here.”

Charron also chats it up with the Islanders bench.

“You’re all fired up!” he yells. “Had a couple of Red Bulls before the game? Oh, only one? Okay, you’re good.”

Referee Kelly Sutherland warns about sticks before catching Boston’s David Pastrnak on a trip.

Kevin Pollock counsels Columbus defenseman David Savard, offering, “I’m just trying to stay in your ear. It’s an emotional game. I don’t want you to cross the line.”

“Just be careful,” referee Steve Kozari warns an Avs player. “You’re right on that line. Keep working hard, though, I like it.”

The officials also relay the explanation on a kicked-in goal to the Islanders bench.


Thanks to the officials for getting mic’d up and to the NHL for giving us a chance to listen in to the action on the ice.