The IIHF has named the referees and linesmen working the 2019 Women’s World Championship in Espoo, Finland.

Twelve referees and ten linesmen have been selected to officiate this year’s tournament.


  • Henna Åberg (FIN)
  • Gabrielle Ariano-Lortie (CAN)
  • Nikoleta Celárová (SVK)
  • Maria Furberg (SWE)
  • Gabriella Gran (SWE)
  • Nicole Hertrich (GER)
  • Jamie Huntley-Park (USA)
  • Miyuki Nakayama (JPN)
  • Lacey Senuk (CAN)
  • Anna Maria Wiegand (SUI)
  • Yana Zueva (RUS)


  • Magali Anex (SUI)
  • Jenni Heikkinen (FIN)
  • Jenni Jaatinen (FIN)
  • Julia Kainberger (AUT)
  • Lisa Linnek (GER)
  • Veronica Lovensno (SWE)
  • Diana Mokhova (RUS)
  • Jacqueline Spresser (USA)
  • Michaela Štefková (CZE)
  • Justine Todd (CAN)


Referees Gabrielle Ariano-Lortie, Nikoleta Celárová , Gabrielle Gran, and Nicole Hertrich all worked the 2018 Winter Olympics, where they were joined by linesmen Jenni Heikkinen, Lisa Linnek, and Justine Todd.

Germany’s Nicole Hertrich is officiating her eighth World Championship; she also refereed women’s hockey at the Winter Olympics in 2010, 2014, and 2018.  Hertrich has worked the gold medal game in five of her seven previous World Championships.

She’s joined by a handful of other World Championship veterans. Ariano-Lortie, Gran, and Wiegand all refereed the past three World Championships, with Nakayama working her third straight, and Huntley-Park officiating her third of the past four tournaments.


The tournament kicks off April 4, with the Gold Medal Game scheduled for April 14.

Group A is made up of the United States, Canada, Finland, Russia and Switzerland. Group B includes Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, France, and Japan.

Overtimes are 3-on-3 for 5-minutes followed by a shootout during the preliminary round. In the playoff games, the overtime period is lengthened to 10 minutes and the teams play 4-on-4; the Gold Medal Game has a 20-minute 4-on-4 overtime before the shootout.