Winnipeg’s Ben Chiarot has been fined $3,763.44 for cross-checking Nick Cousins of the Arizona Coyotes.

Chiarot’s offense came with 4:20 to play in the second period of Sunday’s game.

The Jets defenseman was given a minor penalty for cross-checking on the play by referee Tim Peel.

Chiarot’s average salary (AAV), per Cap Friendly, is $1.4MM, making his daily salary $7,526. ($1.4MM/186 days). His fine of $3,673.44 is the maximum permitted under the CBA for a first offense within a 12-month period.

From the CBA, section 18.7:

A fine may be in an amount up to fifty percent (50%) of the Player’s Paragraph 1 NHL Salary and Bonuses, but not including Performance Bonuses, divided by the number of days in the Regular Season, but in no event shall it exceed $10,000 for the first fine and $15,000 for any subsequent fine imposed in any rolling twelve (12) month calendar period.

Player Salary and Bonuses forfeited due to a fine will be calculated based on a Player’s Averaged Amount.

For fines of $5,000 or less the League shall, within seventy-two (72) hours of the completion of the game in which the incident took place, provide: (i) notice of the fine, (ii) an explanation of the fine, and (iii) written reports of on-ice officials and Officiating Managers (if any) to the fined Player, his Club and the NHLPA.

Fines in excess of $5,000 are subject to the telephonic hearing procedures afforded to Players subject to suspension of five (5) games or less.

Chiarot was previously fined by Player Safety in November of 2017 for butt-ending Anaheim’s Corey Perry.