The NHL has selected the referees and linesmen working the 2018 NHL All-Star Game in San Jose, California.

Referees for the game will be Dean Morton (#36) and Brian Pochmara (#16). They’ll be joined on the ice by linesmen Derek Nansen (#70) and Ryan Galloway (#82).


Dean Morton, 50, has officiated nearly 800 games in his 19-year NHL career. The native of Peterborough, Ontario, has also made five playoff appearances.

Morton is the only active NHL official to have played in a National Hockey League game. Morton played one game with the Detroit Red Wings during the 1989-90 season, scoring a goal, with Steve Yzerman picking up an assist on the play.

Brian Pochmara, 42, from Detroit, Michigan, has refereed 810 regular season NHL games along with 30 playoff games since joining the league in 2005.  Pochmara also worked the 2014 Winter Classic between the Toronto Maple Leafs and his hometown Red Wings.


Derek Nansen, 47, officiated his first NHL game in 2002. He’s since gone on to work the lines for 1,028 regular season games and 51 playoff matches.  Nansen also worked the bluelines for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.  He worked his 1000th NHL game earlier this season.

Ryan Galloway, born in Winnipeg, is in his 16th NHL season. The 46-year-old made his NHL debut in 2002 and has suited up for 1,046 regular season NHL games as well as 18 in the postseason.  A Winnipeg native, Galloway officiated the first home game of the newly-relocated Jets when they returned to Manitoba in 2011.  Galloway reached the 1000-game mark last season.


Don’t expect too much in the way of penalties, thought the new tournament format has made the games more competitive.

Last year’s three All-Star matches combined for just one penalty – a hooking call on Team Pacific’s Johnny Gaudreau, though a goal was called back on a Coach’s Challenge.



Congratulations to Dean Morton, Brian Pochmara, Derek Nansen, and Ryan Galloway on their 2019 NHL All-Star selections!

While we’re looking at this year’s on-ice crew, here’s a look back at the referees and linesmen who’ve worked the NHL All-Star Game for the previous 40 years.

Previous All-Star Game Officials

2018 – Referees: Dave Jackson, Wes McCauley. Linesmen: Brian Mach, Mark Shewchyk
2017 – Referees: Mike Leggo, Kelly Sutherland. Linesmen: Steve Barton, David Brisebois
2016 – Referees: Dan O’Rourke, Ian Walsh. Linesmen: Jonny Murray, Vaughan Rody
2015 – Referees: Chris Lee, Chris Rooney. Linesmen: Steve Miller, Tony Sericolo
2014 – No Game (Olympics)
2013 – No Game (Lockout)
2012 – Referees: Eric Furlatt, Tim Peel. Linesmen: Derek Amell, Brad Kovachik
2011 – Referees: Tom Kowal, Kevin Pollock. Linesmen: Darren Gibbs, Don Henderson
2010 – No Game (Olympics)
2009 – Referees: Marc Joannette, Brad Meier. Linesmen: Greg Devorski, Pierre Racicot
2008 – Referees: Rob Martell, Brad Watson. Linesmen: Pat Dapuzzo, Lyle Seitz
2007 – Referees: Greg Kimmerly, Mike Leggo. Linesmen: Lonnie Cameron, Jay Sharrers
2006 – No Game (Olympics)
2005 – No Game (Lockout)
2004 – Referees: Blaine Angus, Stephen Walkom. Linesmen: Scott Driscoll, Thor Nelson
2003 – Referees: Dennis LaRue, Dan O’Halloran. Linesmen: Jean Morin, Tim Nowak
2002 – Referees: Dave Jackson, Don Van Massenhoven. Linesmen: Andy McElman, Mark Pare
2001 – Referees: Mick McGeough, Richard Trottier. Linesmen: Randy Mitton, Mark Wheler
2000 – Referees: Kerry Fraser, Don Koharski. Linesmen: Gerard Gauthier, Ray Scapinello
1999 – Referee: Paul Devorski. Linesmen: Pierre Champoux, Brian Murphy
1998 – Referee: Paul Stewart. Linesmen: Mike Cvik, Shane Heyer
1997 – Referee: Rob Shick. Linesmen: Ron Asselstine, Bob Hodges, Leon Stickle
1996 – Referee: Mark Faucette. Linesmen: Ron Asselstine, Brad Lazarowich
1995 – No Game (Lockout)
1994 – Referee: Bill McCreary. Linesmen: Gord Broseker, Pat Dapuzzo
1993 – Referee: Dan Marouelli. Linesmen: Ryan Bozek, Kevin Collins
1992 – Referee: Don Koharski. Linesmen: Mark Pare, Mark Vines
1991 – Referee: Terry Gregson. Linesmen: Jerry Pateman, Dan Schachte
1990 – Referee: Kerry Fraser. Linesmen: Bob Hodges, Dan McCourt
1989 – Referee: Ron Hoggarth. Linesmen: Ron Asselstine, Wayne Bonney
1988 – Referee: Denis Morel. Linesmen: Kevin Collins, Randy Mitton
1987 – No Game (Rendez-vous ’87)
1986 – Referee: Ron Wicks. Linesmen: John D’Amico, Gord Broseker
1985 – Referee: Andy Van Hellemond. Linesmen: Gerard Gautier, Bob Hodges
1984 – Referee: Bruce Hood. Linesmen: Ray Scapinello, John D’Amico
1983 – Referee: Bob Myers. Linesmen: Leon Stickle, Ryan Bozak
1982 – Referee: Wally Harris. Linesmen: Ron Finn, Swede Knox
1981 – Referee: Bryan Lewis. Linesmen:  Jim Christison, Gerard Gauthier
1980 – Referee: Dave Newell. Linesmen: John D’Amico, Ray Scapinello
1979 – No Game (Challenge Cup)