Goal judges have always had a tough job.  You need to be careful not to jump the gun.  An itchy trigger-finger on the goal button can spell all kinds of disaster. From the olden days when the goal judges sat right behind the nets to more recent history where they’re lodged comfortably upstairs, it’s always been a concern.

It’s tricky enough when you’re watching for the puck to cross the goal line. You’d think it would be easier when you’re waiting for the referee to announce a review call.

In Las Vegas, the arena crew couldn’t restrain themselves from starting the celebration in the midst of referee Gord Dwyer’s announcement.



Referee Gord Dwyer stepped up to the mic to relay the decision.

“After video review, the puck was in the net before the net came off…”

Cue horn.

Also, cheerleaders, drummers, and crowd.   Good thing they don’t have a cannon.

Oh, and TV scorekeeper, who updated the score on-screen.

Full marks to referee Gord Dwyer for hanging in there, looking around awkwardly, knowing full well what’s coming next.

“The call on the ice is no goal due to goaltender interference.”

Oof. Sorry to get your hopes up, boys, but – come on – you’ve got to let the ref speak.

Here’s the full review – which confirmed that the puck did cross the line before the net came off the moorings – and challenge, which did not overturn the original call of goaltender interference:



Vegas managed to battle back to win the game 4-3.