Eddie Lack didn’t see how Boston’s second goal counted.

Neither did his coach, who called the initial ruling and subsequent confirmation via video replay “a disappointing ruling.”

“I haven’t seen anything that shows that it was even in,” said Lack. “I guess I just have to trust the ref that he saw it was in.”

Forward Tim Schaller posted the Bruins’s second goal which gave them a 2-1 lead late in the closing seconds of the first period.  The initial on-ice call from referee Trevor Hanson was a goal. Video review upheld the call.

The location of the puck was impossible to discern from any of the available replay angles, including the overhead and goal cam. Though the league did release their Situation Room decision, they did not provide a ‘smoking gun’ freeze-frame that clearly showed the puck over the line.

MSG Networks’ Deb Placey shared an angle that appears to show the puck still in the goal crease, and not over the line on the play.


“Puck was never in” via @DebPlacey

The league’s replay ruling did not state that the review was inconclusive, thereby deferring to the original call on the ice.  Rather, their statement said the replay confirmed the original call on the ice. If only we could see that conclusive angle.

Like Lack, though, we’ll have to trust that the referee saw that it was in.  He was in the perfect position to do so.

The replay cameras, however, were not.



We were provided an image that may show the puck over the line, though it’s hard to say for sure.  What it does show is Hanson in a great spot to make that call on the ice.

Tim Schaller's goal for Bruins vs NJ Devils