Listen in to some of the best mic’d up referee moments compiled from recent Rangers and Sabres games throughout the month of December, leading up to the Winter Classic:



Some highlights:

  • Referee Dan O’Rourke with some pre-faceoff instructions: “Alright guys, let’s put ’em in! Square! Down! Down! There we go!”
  • “Hey! Let’s leave it at that!” shouts linesman Derek Amell, separating potential combatants from a post-whistle altercation. “Get out of here!”
  • Referee Frederick L’Ecuyer explains a non-call to New Jersey Devils captain Andy Greene during their December 9 game against the Rangers:
    “…that’s why there’s no penalty for it…  Your guy dropped his gloves and started punching”
  • Buffalo’s Evander Kane voices his displeasure with a whistle before reconsidering
    “That’s a horrible icing call,” he tells referee Dan O’Rourke.
    “This one?” asks O’Rourke, laughing. “I don’t think so.”
    “Just kidding,” retorts Kane as he skates away.


Thanks to the NHL and its referees and linesmen for giving us a chance to listen in on the action at ice level!