The 2018 IIHF World Junior Championships get underway December 26 in Buffalo, New York. The tournament runs through the first week of January, with the medal games set for January 5, 2018, at Buffalo’s Key Bank Center.

IIHF WJC 2018 Referees and Linesmen - Scouting The Refs

While most are making their first WJC appearances, six officials have worked the tourney before, as noted below.

Here are the IIHF referees and linesmen for the 2018 World Juniors:


Andris Ansons (Latvia) – 2nd WJC (2016)
Alexandre Garon (Canada)
Jacob Grumsen (Denmark)
Mikko Kaukokari (Finland) – 2nd WJC (2015)
Artur Kulev (Russia)
Manuel Nikolic (Austria)
Gordon Schukies (Germany)
Robin Sir (Czech Republic) – 2nd WJC (2017)
Mikael Sjoqvist (Sweden)
Stephen Thomson (USA)
Jeremy Tufts (USA)
Marc Wiegand (Switzerland) – 3rd WJC (2016, 2014)


Franco Castelli (Switzerland)
Markus Hagerstrom (Finland)
William Hancock II (USA)
Rene Jensen (Denmark) – 2nd WJC (2016)
Jon Kilian (Norway)
Dustin McCrank (Canada)
Jiri Ondracek (Czech Republic)
Peter Sefcik (Slovakia) – 2nd WJC (2014)
Alexander Sysuev (Russia)
Emil Yletyinen (Sweden)