It was a strange sequence of events that saw Justin Abdelkader go from costing the Wings to scoring on a penalty shot.

Abdelkader left the penalty box with a step on Tampa defenseman Victor Hedman. He was hooked from behind, causing referee Tom Chmielewski’s arm to shoot up, indicating a delayed penalty.  Abdelkader slid through the crease, making contact with Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy. Detroit’s Darren Helm followed up the play, firing the puck into the net.

The play was initially ruled a goal on the ice. Tampa coach Jon Cooper challenged the play, giving referees Chmielewski and Dean Morton a second look.  After review, the officials overturned the initial call, waving the goal off due to goaltender interference.

The officials weren’t done.

That goal was scored on a delayed penalty for the hook on Abdelkader by Hedman. Since there was no longer a goal scored, the penalty would stand.

“There was goaltender interference,” Chmielewski told the crowd. “We have no goal.”

Oh, one more point.  Since that penalty was a hook from behind on a breakaway, Detroit’s Justin Abdelkader was awarded a penalty shot.

From a goal to a penalty and, ultimately, to a penalty shot.

After the dust settled, Detroit had scored and Tampa retained their timeout.  It just took a Coach’s Challenge review and a few officiating huddles to get there.