NHL referees and linesmen were mic’d up for the Conference Finals, featuring Senators vs. Penguins in the East and the Anaheim Ducks vs. the Nashville Predators out west.



Some highlights:

“That’s not a cross check?” asks one of the players.  “No way!  No way!” replies ref Jean Hebert. “Good battles everywhere. Everywhere!”

“We’ll check but I’ve got it blown down. He’s covered it,” says referee Brad Meier.  Linesman Brian Muphy concurs. Listen in as Meier relays the information to the off-ice officials, then to Sens captain Erik Karlsson.


“If you guys want to challenge, you can,” Wes McCauley advises Predators captain Mike Fisher. “To me, it’s no goal all day long.”

Another round of great exchanges between the players and the officials!