Coach’s Challenge replays are about to get a bit bigger.

The Associated Press reports that NHL referees and linesmen will be using iPad Pros for Coach’s Challenge reviews in the playoffs, giving them a larger view of the action for critical reviews of offside plays and goaltender interference.

“The referees [and] the league want to get it right, the coaches want to get it right,” said Washington Capitals coach Barry Trotz.  “It’s going to be huge in the playoffs.”

During the regular season, NHL coaches issued 313 Coach’s Challenges. Of those, 86 – or 27 percent – were overturned.

Some have criticized the size of the NHL officials’ review device. Despite the high-resolution screen of the device, the screen appeared smaller than most consumer tablets.

Three iPad Pros will also be available for each team to use behind the bench for replays and real-time views of the action.  The coaching staff will have immediate access to video from previous shifts to share will the players in real-time.   Coaches will also be better able to evaluate the play when deciding to issue a challenge.

“When you have challenges, to have the ability to quickly look at what you’re doing and now they’re trying to expedite it even that much more,” Arizona Coyotes coach Dave Tippett told the Associated Press. “When you’re in those critical moments, you’ve got to make that decision in a hurry.”

Greater visibility — and a larger screen — will hopefully aid both coaches and officials in handling those moments.