The NHL’s Department of Player Safety has weighed in on hits from Winnipeg’s Nikolaj Ehlers and Montreal’s Alexei Emelin.

More accurately, they’ve opted not to weigh in at all.  No supplemental discipline will be handed out to either player.


Ehlers delivered a hard hit to Florida’s Griffin when the two teams met on January 2.  Griffin left the game with a concussion and is out indefinitely.  No penalty was assessed on the play.

“It was a dirty hit by Ehlers,” said Panthers head coach Tom Rowe. “He deliberately did it, I don’t care what anybody says. We watched it on video. It was a dirty hit. I don’t know when players are going to start respecting the game, and not going for the head, because that was a deliberate hit.”


Emelin caught Dallas Stars forward Antoine Roussel with an elbow.  As the two came together behind the net, Roussel remained crouched.  His body position contributed significantly to the point of contact, though Emelin’s elbow did extend on the play.  Emelin was not called for a penalty during the game