The 2017 World Junior Championships get underway on Monday in Montreal and Toronto.  The rosters are set.  So are the officials for the tournament.

Canada is represented by referee Darcy Burchell and linesman Nathan Vanoosten. The US has referee Brett Sheva and linesman Jake Davis.  US-born referee Mark Lemelin will also be working the event. The former NHL referee, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is representing Austria, where’s he’s spent the past season officiating in the EBEL.  Here’s the full lineup of tournament officials:


Rohatsch, Marian (GER)
Bjork, Tobias (SWE)
Burchell, Darcy (CAN)
Hribik, Jan (CZE)
Kubus, Jozef (SVK)
Lemelin, Mark (AUT)
Linde, Marcus (SWE)
Salonen, Anssi (FIN)
Sheva, Brett (USA)
Sidorenko, Maxim (BLR)
Sir, Robin (CZE)
Stricker, Daniel (SUI)


Dahmen, Jimmy (SWE)
Davis, Jake (USA)
Fluri, Nicolas (SUI)
Golyak, Dmitri (BLR)
Haurum, Henrik (DEN)
Kohlmuller, Lukas (GER)
Paley, Yakov (RUS)
Suchanek, Libor (CZE)
Suominen, Sakari (FIN)
Vanoosten, Nathan (CAN)