Detroit Red Wings goaltender Peter Mrazek received a rulebook reminder during Friday night’s game that cost his club a goal.


Rule 63.2 handles Delay of Game:

A minor penalty shall be imposed on any player, including the goalkeeper, who holds, freezes or plays the puck with his stick, skates or body in such a manner as to deliberately cause a stoppage of play. With regard to a goalkeeper, this rule applies outside of his goal crease area.

If a goalkeeper comes out of his crease to “cut down the angle” on a shot and after making the save covers the puck, this shall be legal. If the goalkeeper races out of his crease in an attempt to beat the attacking player to the puck and instead of playing the puck jumps on the puck causing a stoppage of play, this shall be a minor penalty for delay of game.

Mrazek left his crease to chase down a rebound.  He wasn’t coming down to cut down on a shooting angle.

Referee Tom Chmielewski can be heard warning Mrazek to move the puck or risk taking a delay of game penalty.

Perhaps the minor would’ve been the better choice.