Part of a linesman’s job is to break up fights.  It helps to avoid getting involved in them.

KHL linesman Pyotr Alyoshin wasn’t able to do so during a game between Sibir Novosibirsk and Metallurg Magnitogorsk.  The 39-year-old official was caught by a punch from Metallurg’s Evgeny Timkin.



Things got rough when Timkin was called for slashing Sibir’s Sergei Shumakov.  As the winger remained down on the ice, defenseman Yuri Sergiyenko skated over to defend his fallen teammate. The two combatants began exchanging pleasantries, along with some gloved jabs.  One of those landed squarely on Alyoshin’s chin.

The only penalty handed out by referees Daniel Konc and Alexei Belov was the original two-minute minor for slashing on Timkin. 

While the punch may have been inadvertent, it is against the KHL rules. Rule 550 would require a minor penalty for any player who “interferes in any manner with any official” and a game misconduct for any player who “hits the game official injuring him in any manner.”

Timkin should be happy that Alyoshin wasn’t injured.   Of course, so should Alyoshin.

He should also remember to never try to break up a scrap without your partner. Some things you just shouldn’t do alone. 

On a side note, nice to see the KHL rulebook employing the use of the word ‘fisticuffs’ in its section on fighting!