From the IIHF:

The 2016 IIHF / National Association Referee-in-chief Summit took place last week in Frankfurt operated by the IIHF Office and the IIHF Officiating Committee.

49 delegates – referee-in-chiefs and directors of officiating – representing 42 different countries took place at the meeting on 1st/2nd July in the city in Germany.

IIHF Officiating Summit

The summit completes the four-year cycle of the committee and its strategic plan “IIHF Officiating Tree of Success” that was set up in February 2013.

The summit program included the IIHF Office’s vision on officiating development and co-operation with its member national associations regarding officiating development, licensing process, career path of the on-ice officials and the promotion of the on-ice officials within the national associations and the IIHF.

The program was split into three sections: 1. Federation/league relationships, 2. Taking the next step – growing your footprint, and 3. Building an officiating program.

“The participants exchanged their opinions regarding a modern vision of officiating development at different levels: from member national associations, who are in the process of building or modernize their officiating programs, to pro leagues including their relations and co-operation with the national associations’ offices regarding the developing of top on-ice officials,” IIHF Officiating Manager Konstantin Komissarov said.

The summit was operated under the slogan “Together For Future”. It is created as a platform for the national associations’ referee-in-chiefs and officiating directors where they can share and discuss issues concerning officiating and is scheduled to be operated every two years.